Rates for the Taxi Service Mississauga Prefers

Brampton Bramalea Kwik Kab has one of the largest fleets in Brampton, with 115+ taxis, including vans.

All taxi drivers are licenced by the City of Brampton. Licences are renewed on a yearly basis according to birth date, at which time a criminal search is conducted. Our drivers are completely bondable. Brampton Bramalea Kwik Kab follows the following tariffs for taxis fares as outlined by the Brampton Licencing Commission.

Based on Distance
$4.25 for the first 141 meters
$0.25 for each additional 141 meters or part thereof
$0.25 for each 30 seconds of waiting time under engagement, or $30.00/hour

Waiting Rates
Hourly Waiting Rates
$20 for the first hour or part thereof
For the additional 15 minutes

Corporate Accounts
Flat rates can be arranged for all out of town destinations
Easy end-of-the-month billing
One-time-only accounts are available for special events

Flat Rates
For airport flat rates, CLICK HERE
Out-of-town flat rates available

*G.S.T. is included in every fare.

*These rates are subject to change as legislated by the Licensing Department for the City of Brampton.